Features :Before & After homebuy360
Document Management
Preparing, updating, sending and storing documents is a very complex process. Documents are often lost or misplaced.
Documents are created automatically and stored securely. Can be accessed from anywhere globally.
Payment Collection

The collection process involves several people from the builder's side and is usually a cumbersome process. Buyers are usually unsure whether the milestone is complete while making the payment.

Invoices are created after uploading the milestone pictures, Email and SMS alerts keep buyers up-to-date on the progress and they can plan their cash flow in alignment to the payment dates.
Handover Process
The handover process is highly unstructured. Buyers have to chase engineers on the site to complete the pending issues and have to follow-up many times.
Buyers can raise handover issues which appears in builder staff's inbox and gets assigned to the concerned person. The tracking of the issue, its progress and closure is visible to the staff and the buyers.
Information Tracking
Generally the key project metrics: milestones, collection, issues, documentation etc are not tracked consistently.
Reports and progress is available real time, that can help drive better decision making.
Buyer-Builder Trust
The connect and communication between builder and buyers is very un-structured and is problem oriented.
One-on-One connect through messages (birthdays, appreciation, referrals, bank-loans etc) and One-to-Many notices (information, buy-sell) drives an effective communication.
Staff Dependency
The duration between booking and registration is generally 24 to 36 months. Due to builder's sales members or support staff leaving, the consistency and transparency in the buying process may get impacted.
The person dependence is reduced. Training of new staff becomes easier. Buyer can appreciate builder staff for resolving issues faster and bring the humane elements.