homebuy360 : Release 4.0 launched

Today we released some more new features to further enhance your productivity , increase customer satisfaction and ofcourse make things simpler for you. Have a look below at the features released and how you can benefit from them , and should you have any queries or suggestions do send them our way.




Revamped Lead Screen

  1. Leads Screen now has a feature called "Merge Lead"
    • Now you can merge two leads, merged lead with have contact information of one of the leads ( you can select which one). This is useful if you have by mistake created duplicate leads.
    • Merged lead will have history of both the leads merged.
    • The unused contact post merge will be deleted.
  2. Leads Import is now behind access control. As an Admin, you will have to add this permission to the relevant roles to allow "Lead Import" by them.
  3. On timeline you can select one or more item and move them to a different existing lead/contact/buyer's history. Mainly useful in case if you have wrongly mentioned one of the comments.

New Editor - Make your mails more engaging

  1. Then new Editor comes with features like paste from word file, print, preview, support for flash, and many more. You can use the features like preview to see how your mails will look before sending them to your clients.
  2. The new editor has better HTML support that allows you to even add radio buttons, forms etc to your mails.
  3. The editor also gives you more font size / font colors options
  4. If you are writing long mails, the new editor gives you the capability to edit in full size mode
  5. If you want to insert images, please use the insert image function rather than pasting the image directly in to the editor

Duplicate Parking Id is not allowed

Now you cant attach the same parking id with 2 different residences in the same project. This is to remove allocation of duplicate parking id's

Change owner of a lead/contact

If a lead is assigned to a new owner , then the reminders / tasks ( open) associated with the lead will also be assigned to the new owner automatically.

Delete employee

While deleting an employee if you have some open tasks, leads, contact, residence, issue, customization etc assigned to this employee, system will ask you select one employee to whom all these can be moved and move them to newly selected employee before deleting existing employee

Manage Note

"Add Note" is changed to manage note, and we also allow "Manage Note" from collection screen now. You can use this feature to setup sticky notes with reminders for different kind of followup with buyer.


We have a revamped UI for help section. You can access FAQ's related to Leads and Contacts on this page as a first level of support.

Priority Emails

We got the feedback that sometimes emails like forgot password, account creations were delayed. We have fixed the issue of occasional delay with such transactional emails.


Also, over the next few days we will be launching two of the biggest features

Integration with Knowlarity – IVR & Telephony service provider

Launching IVR & Telephony as an add-on paid service , this service will integrate IVR & Telephony Services with Homebuy360 so you wont miss out on any leads that call you. It will come with features like

  1. Click to Call on Contact & Lead and Manage Buyer page.
  2. Automatically popping up the lead and communication details in an executive's Homebuy360 screen when he receives a call from an existing lead.
  1. Ability to initiate new calls from within the Leads Module at the click of a button
  2. Every call through the IVR & Telephony Service Provider automatically logged in the system .

Buyer Facebook app

A facebook application to allow your buyers to access Homebuy360 from within their facebook account and increase customer delight.


We will shortly be communicating more about the Integrated Telephony Services and Buyer Facebook App. We hope this will be a big step in further simplifying things for you. If you would like to know more about these features right away, you can drop us a line at +91-9632514404 and we would be happy to speak to you in detail.

12 Moments that defined Homebuy360 in 2012!

Team Homebuy360 wishes you and your family a very happy new year!

2012 was a important and successful year to our growth as a company. Not only did we grow in size , we also released many new features and were acknowledged for the impact created by media and Institutions such as CII(Confederation of Indian Industries) alike. As we bid goodbye to 2012 , we thought to reflect back and share the moments that defined 2012 for us.

  1. January - Signed our 5th client and Expanded to Hyderabad
  2. February - Took the first step towards Integrating brokers by adding commission management module.
  3. March - Moved to a bigger and better office and Hit 2000 Fans on Facebook
  4. April - Entered the new quarter by releasing features such as Tagging, External Lead Source integration and performance improvements
  5. May - Economic Times covered Homebuy360 .
  6. June - Released the real estate search portal
  7. July - Expanded operations to Pune
  8. August- Signed up our 10th Client
  9. September - Released newly revamped Finance module and integrated Vendors by releasing Homemart
  10. October - Signed our first Public limited Client
  11. November - MoneyControl reported on Homebuy360's impact and launched a revamped Leads and Contacs Management Module.
  12. December- Signed our 20th Client. CII report on Emerging Trends in Real Estate mentions homebuy360's contribution to the changing trends.

As always, we look forward to keep making things simpler for you in 2013

Have a great year ahead!

Do you find choosing a software for real-estate industry complex?

Good news is builders are realizing that by using technology and software they can increase sales, reduce cost and enhance customer satisfaction. If you are not thinking of this yet, there are chances that you might be left behind!!

Now the difficult part is decision making on which software to buy. Difficulty becomes a nightmare when the approach is look at one software to take care of all the aspects - front-office (marketing to handover), back-office (project management, inventory management) and finance & accounting. There isn't one software and application that does all of these 3 pieces well. The technology and software selection approach should be to select the best software in each of these 3 areas - front-office, back-office and finance & accounting. The most important ofcourse is Finance and Accounting as it is a necessity. Next is front-office operations as it help in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Lastly and most complex part is back-office operations that brings control and discipline in project execution. is focusing on front-end aspects - marketing - sales - CRM - booking - buyer login - documentation - collection - reporting - handover. The architecture is designed in a way so that it can very easily integrate with other softwares.

So if you are ready to make a choice for technology and software for your real-estate company, starting from one and move towards three as you grow and mature!!

Watch out for upcoming homebuy360 4.0 release in Jan 2013.