Homebuy360 Communiqué: Bubble Notifications

Homebuy360 releases “Bubble Notifications” feature, which helps you stay updated on the activities happening in your account and notify you about the actionable items.

Quick Summary of the feature:

  • Notification counter in header pane, to keep track of number of items to be viewed or action to be taken. This is auto refreshed every 5 minutes.
  • Easy navigation to your tasks from Notification pane.
  • Read & Unread notifications bifurcation.

Click on the Notification icon, it will open up the notifications as shown in the screenshot below:


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Homebuy360 Communique: Auto Escalation of Overdue Tasks

Homebuy360 allow you to escalate the overdue tasks to management on daily basis based on the pre-set rules defined in the system. For example a Lead which is overdue for follow up for more than 2 days gets escalated to next level in hierarchy.

Quick Summary of the feature:

  • Raised based on the preset rules, e.g. – Task is not closed /overdue for “X” days.
  • Level-1 escalation will be raised to immediate Manager of the employee. Level 2 will be raised to the next level manager, and so on.
  •  Both assignee of a task and manager get notification on daily mail about these escalations.
  • These escalations closes automatically when the follow up in question is performed.
  • Manager can login on to Inbox -> Escalations to review and act on various escalations.
  • Module is supported with a full-fledged reporting on Escalations.

If the reporting manager is not selected for the employees, escalation will be escalated to the Default Assignee/Admin for the account.

Go through following link to understand in details: homebuy360 Escalation




  • Allow better control on overdue tasks/follow ups, right up to top management.
  • Ensure more accountability.
  • Lesser effort to find missed follow-ups.


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