homebuy360 - New Interface, Enhancements & Improvements!

homebuy360 New UI


New Interface, Enhancements & Improvements

We strive to improve homebuy360 continuously with an aim to make our users more productive and provide them with a top of the class experience. We were so busy working that we may have missed communicating few of these awesome changes to you for sometime. We have also redesigned homebuy360 specifically for ease of use; few of these may have already been communicated to you.


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Analyze performance of Lead Sources, Projects, and Owners on Various Parameters. Assign Leads to a Role and let system distribute it automatically among employees.
Capture and Analyze effectiveness & ROI of various marketing spend & campaigns. Configure rules enabling Automatic Assignment of Lead/Contact to executives.
Extended custom reporting in post sales also e.g. pricing, residence, receipts, demands. Allow your Brokers partners to login and submit the leads by themselves.
Choose “X” reports to be presented as dashboard when you login into homebuy360. Review unit availability directly from leads screen, get a daily report in your mailbox.
New Improved Chart Interface, resulting in better reporting. Integrations capability with websites, portals, telephony including Magicbricks, 99acres etc.
Receive & Analyze Feedback of prospects and buyers right at the point of interaction. Ability to review social Profiles of the leads (Beta) helping in better pitching.
Generate documents for multiple units in one click. Maintain status of documents. Now capture and segregate contacts also by various projects(earlier it was only at lead level)
Uploading old booking data, raise demand & complete milestones right from Booking. Option to get the Quotation Approved before sending it out to the prospects
Multi level commission distribution to employees for a booking. Emp. holiday/leaves can be maintained so no assignment happens while one is away.
Track your own commission earnings if you are a sole seller. Emp. can pre-define Signature and add it to all outgoing mails & also keep a profile photo
Guides/FAQ available on press of a button (F2) to provide exec. help as per context of work. Individual can control notifications settings on various items in homebuy360.
New user interface comes with multiple color themes – work in the one you like. Many more changes to improve your productivity & experience are below..

Many more changes to improve your productivity & experience are as follows:


  • Capability to add Multiple X-Axis in all custom reports
  • If reports taking more than a min, user will be notified on completion by a notification
  • Owner Assignment Report helps understanding contact/lead re-assignments from executive x and to executive y.
  • User Login Detail Report in Miscellaneous helps you to monitor the user login and logout history with timestamps.
  • Support to have Quarter as one of distribution unit in date based custom reports (Day, Week, Month & Year already existed).

Post Sales:

  • Discounts can be applied based on the Role of the respective employee; one cannot apply any discount, which he/she is not entitled to.
  • Ability to generate a detailed Interest Statement customer wise from the collection screen.
  • Split Invoice can be used to split the invoice in order to enable the latest revision in the tax rate for the balance amount.
  • Support to generate only word documents and not PDF in the Documents screen (Optional).
  • Backend support for uploading mass receipts into the system, later demands can be settled against these receipts, which helps in seamlessly uploading existing customers’ booking into the system.
  • Define some advance receipts as auto settle – these can auto settle with any future demand.
  • Capability to settle multiple receipts existing in the system against one demand

Pre Sales:

  • Capability to add multiple units to a lead while selecting the status as “Sold
  • With new UI you can sort on more than 1 data point by pressing control + Click on 2nd ands subsequent column header.
  • Split Invoice can be used to split the invoice in order to enable the latest revision in the tax rate for the balance amount.
  • Support to have secondary owner for a lead.
  • Status can now be supported with Sub-Status.
  • You can edit the comment date for a particular action like site visit, so that old site visits can be captured with actual date.
  • Support to have a master list of standard comments/dispositions - which shows as auto complete list when user types a comment.
  • Update the lead/contact's source after specified duration or inactivity (configurable value), if the lead enquires again from a different source.
  • Capability to delete lead & when a lead is deleted the contact status can be moved back to “New" status.
  • Capability to make Tags mandatory as needed in Contacts/Leads/Residences.


  • Add employees without creating their login account in homebuy360, which helps in keeping track of sales done by ex employees.
  • Allowing users to define the tax slabs to calculate Vat & Service tax as per changed rates per govt. polities.


  • Capability to integrate with your own Gmail (Google Apps account) to send emails from homebuy360.
  • New user interface comes with capability for user to save their favorite filter/sort settings as a user-defined view utilize these on later logins.
  • New user interface also comes with scrollable filter panel – which scrolls when you move down page. No need to move up and down just for filtering.
  • Make outgoing calls via mobile app while still using your own service providers.