Homebuy - Releases New Enhancements & Improvements


Changes / Improvments

Points to remember

Pricing Related Changes

  • Date based slabs on tax types. esp applicable for Service Tax. Earlier the process to apply 2 different service tax for a unit ( if government has changed the percentage) was fairly complicated. Now you can have date based slabs on a tax element. System will  check the invoice date will generting the deamand and apply right % of tax for demand in question. e.g. 3.5% up to a given date, 3.71% from next day.
  • While defining prices for a project you can now put a cap on element amount. e.g. Registration cost in Pune is capped to 30,000 or 1% whichever is lower.
  • While defining prices for a proejct you can also specify a round-up format in case you need to round it to nearest 1, 10, 100, 1000 etc. System will automatically round the amounts accordingly. e.g. Stamp Duty is rounded up to nearest 100.
  • While defining price for a project you can associate an element with multiple groups ( one being primary) – this is to have better group of pricing in documentations.
  • While defining price for a project you can also add some amount over calculated price. e.g. Stamp Duty is 6%  rounded to nearest 100 + 20 rupees documentation charges.
  • While defining price for a project, you can now also ask for instalment level  rounding, e.g. service tax component in each instalment will be rounded to nearest whole number.
  • Eearlier you could have only tax kind of elements as % of other elements. Now you can have % based pricing elements all through. e.g. other charges are 15% of agreement value.
  • While specifying pricing elements for a unit/unit type you can specify a payment order now. By default the payment against any demand will be filled up in same order. e.g. if a partial payment is made on a demand, first satisfy service tax component and then base price.
  • While specifying pricing elements for a unit/unit type you can add a disclaimer/note at the bottom – which will be shown to customer. e.g. Service Tax is just indicative and it will  be charged as per government rules.
  • Current way of just one tax rate will continue to work as it is.  Demand date based Tax model will take effect only when there are multiple slabs.
  • For simplicity most of these set up are done while setting up the elements for the project.
  • To support these enhancements the UI of Pricing set up screen under project has been enhanced.





  • The fill order can be updated while booking a unit. payment order is applicable only when you have opted for element level receipt distribution capability.

Invoicing & Receipts

  • You can manually specify an Invoice Number while generting Demand Note. This is in addition what system generates by itself.
  • You can see the Invoice detail split on pricing element level in Payment history screen. Need to click on milestone to see the details of pricing elements for that milestone.
  • You can now split the payment across pricing elments, i.e. If a demand was generated for Base Price and Service tax, you can now choose to pay only base price or Service or part of both using a partial payment. System will try to automatically fill this payment using the payment order specified while booking but it can be manually overriden by user.
  • While taking a recieipt you can specify a payment account in which the receipt is being taken. Useful when you collect money from customer in various different accounts. You will also be able to filter collection related reports specific to any payment account
  • You can specify a bank branch along with Bank name.
  • You can manully specify an Receipt Number while taking the payment. This will be over and above what system generates as reciept number.
  • We now have support for TDS. While taking a payment you can specify :
    • If the TDS is applicable on this payment.
    • If yes, if the buyer has already deducted the TDS and paid rest of the amount, in this case you will give reciept to buyer only for remaining amount ( receipt amount)
    • Or otherwise if the buyer has paid the TDS also to you, in this case you will give a reciept to buyer for the same ( receipt amount)
  • Only applicable if opted by you.
  • Only applicable if you opt for element level split on invoicing and receipts.


  • Only applicable if opted by you.


  • Only applicable if opted by you.

Mixed Payment Plan

  • Support for a mixed kind of payment plan where you can specify one fixed amount on one or more milestones and remaining amount can be distributed as % split. To enable this enahcnement current payment plan UI is modified a little.
  • Only applicable if opted. Current way ( with a little chaged UI) will continue to work as is.

Residence/ Unit

  • Capability to attach premiums on an unbooked unit and filtering option on premium units. Capabiilty to auto apply direction based premium.
  • Capability to configure parking types, parking level, facing/direction etc.
  • Configuration of these is done by homebuy360 team on your request.

Booking Approval process

  • Capability to send all / selective bookings for approval. In case of selective option, all the bookings where some changes are done on pricing, payment plan etc will be  send for approvals
  • Can designate some of the employee as approvers and they can approve these bookings.
  • Approval request will show up in approvers Inbox. Also email notification are sent.
  • Approer can review the changes/review entire booking made and approve or reject.
  • Booking completes only after approval is  received.
  • Updates on bookings can also be send for approvals.
  • Only applicable if you Opt for it.

Bulk/Auto Payment reminders

  • We have added a new view in Collection screen, named “Payment Due View”, to review all the payments that are due, grouped by Unit/Residence.
  • Filters like Age of Due, Amount Due, Last reminder send days available for filtering the list to desired subset.
  • Capability to see the history of reminder send to one Buyer
  • Capabilty to see various overdue payments, grouped under a unit, details like Inv. No, Due date, Due age, last remidner send date available.
  • Capability to defined multiple reminder formats ( email) and attach a dcoument ( auto generated once template is defined) to remidner mail.
  • Sanity checks to ensure a reminder is send only after a particular number of days is place.
  • Capability to setup auto reminders emails to buyer – You can specify number of days before the due date when the first auto reminder to be send, along with number of days when a repetitive reminder will be send.
  • Only applicable if you Opt for it.


  • Many of the dropdowns like income groups, pricing groups, source lists etc are now configurable as per your needs.
  • You can request homebuy360 for these changes.


  • On Leads A new dropdown to capture comment type with each comment is added ( signifies the kind of action which was done, e.g. Call, Message, Site visit, generate update etc). We plan to build more reporting around it later to give you access metrices like how many site vists, how many calls, average # of visits before conversion etc.
  • A new filter for In-active days for leads is added. This is to give you capability to find leads that are inactive for a duration and work on them.
  • Project & Source change history on leads is now recorded ( just like owner / status change history)
  • Support to show secondary number or international number in case primary mobile number is not availabe on listing sceen is now available on demand.
  • Only applicable if you Opt for it.

General Info

  • You can now go to Setup screen and update company related information like your logo etc as self service.
  • You can also update project information like project logo etc as self service.
  • Under project setup you have capability to update / add blocks as self service.



  • Capability to update construction status update to buyers ( along with photos/documents) without having to complete a costruction milestone. Particularly useful if you are following a date based payment plan instead of construction based.
  • Only applicable if you Opt for it.

Custom Reports

  • Capability to save a custom report as pre-saved report for later use. Will help you save time if you need to run same report preiodically.
  • Custom reports now have a detailed analysis feature for some fields e.g. status, owners, source. Will be useful in analysis like abandoned reason analysis.
  • Report saving option available only if you Opt for it.