Make buyers the biggest sales channel for Builders

We always had the hypothesis that can help builders increase their sales through referrals. Therefore we have built in a "Refer Your Builder" feature. Last week pleasantly surprised us when one of the buyers referred one of our Bangalore client builder to 3 of his friends through hb360. It was very heartening to us as it validated our idea of multiple ways to provide value to builders. Our client's sales team is in action to convert those referrals as buyers. It would certainly be easier than leads coming from other channels for sure!!

Technology in Real-estate to increase sales, reduce costs & increase customer loyalty: How to choose

Bet on technology and software that your company will USE instead of PRICE 

 Typically projects of 200 units with 80 Lakh per unit price would mean the project revenue would be around 160 Crores. Using technology to streamline and manage the pre-sales, post-sales, customer and broker communication, can help optimize your processes and create value of 2-3 crores!! Is that a big number? Yes, it is. But that's the power of technology!! While discussing great advantages and value of with builders, we have realized that few of the builders that have invested in technology are not able to take advantage of it because either the software is too complicated to use it and require lot of training and support or sustaining it requires lot of investments. We have taken this into account while designing the user interface and architecture of hb360. We can confidently say that hb360 is one of the simplest and easiest software to USE for real-estate industry. And not only that it is very inexpensive given the value it creates for builders, buyers and brokers. A trial is free and certainly worth the time!! writes about homebuy360

We have been working hard to enhance Homebuy360 continuously by incorporating market intelligence and releasing new features every couple of months. Acknowledging the impact and the product, , India's leading financial portal carried a story about how homebuy360 is helping real estate developers to streamline their operations resulting in reduced costs with increased sales and cashflow. You can access the full article on the below link

 We are a young startup and besides the business value aspects we are looking to impact the client's through our focus on below factors.

- Start-up - Young, passionate, and Success hungry team delivering above par support and service
- Simplicity n User Experience - Best in class User experience and ease of use
- Free Future value - All future releases and enhancements are available free of cost to you
- Low Cost of Ownership - No infrastructure and migration cost

- Building a Connected Eco-system - Working on bringing builders-buyers-brokers-vendors-banks on a single platform

Do reach out to us at if you have any suggestions or queries. You can also request for a free trial by clicking on and leaving your details.

Making things simpler for you,
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