homebuy360 launches : Quotation Management

You can now create, and send quotation in a professional manner while working for a lead. You can use already agreed quotation and convert it in booking.

See below the summary of features:

  • Capability to select a lead and a Project, Unit/Unit Type and create a quotation for the combination.
  • Send this quotation to the prospect in an email ( with an attached document)
  • Capability to view history of this quotation.
  • Capability to create update an existing quotation and resend (as the negotiations proceed)
  • Capability to send multiple quotations (each for different unit) to the same prospect.
  • While booking a unit, for the combination of unit and buyer ( prospect) if there are some already existing quotation, an option to select an existing quotation will be available ( this ensures user does not need to update pricing, payment plan etc)

Go through following link to understand more : homebuy360 Quotation